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Our Philosophy On Breeding


Breeding dogs is a pretty incredible responsibility.  It isn't easy, and it isn't for the faint of heart.  Information learned today tells us whether the decisions we made three years ago were good or not so good, and often requires us to make some hard decisions.  There are always risks involved.  Bitches can die, puppies may not be viable, and certainly the whole thing can be a financially draining experience.  Not every puppy produced turns out exactly how we planned, and no breeder can guarantee that bad things won’t happen to wonderful puppies.  In the words of an old breeder, you never really know until you try it whether a breeding decision was a darn good idea or a very noble experiment.


That being said, why do we do it?  Why face the risk, the heartache, and the ever tight finances?


We have a true love for dogs, the spirit of competition, and love for complexity.  We have the knowledge, the desire, the ability to breed dogs the right way, and the responsibility to share that knowledge with others.  To top it off, there is absolutely nothing more precious than the kisses of a puppy.  Puppy breath?  No sweeter smell.  The dogs bring more sanity than any psychiatrist ever could.


Ashstone’s objectives…


•Health…a healthy dog is the best thing any breeding program can produce

•Temperament…a sound mind is of utmost importance for both the family companion and the best show

  dog; without good, stable temperament, a breeding program is floundering

•Structure…a physically sound dog moves stronger, longer

•Type…a dog should look like the breed he is supposed to be

•Conformation…a breed has a standard for a reason


You can’t put together a breeding program without consistently breeding dogs.  Breeding quality puppies means you put tremendous thought into your breeding pairs and you focus on breeding the highest quality dogs possible.  A good breeder studies pedigrees and pours over the latest articles and research to make the best decisions, possible, weighs the potential good vs. bad and hopes for a little bit of luck in the mix.  Breeding the best dogs you can to produce the best puppies possible is the objective.   


Our goal at Ashstone

Our puppies are born and raised in our home and are exposed to a variety of sounds, surfaces, and activities designed to socialize and instill confidence.   In addition to being given lots of love, they are handled by us on a daily basis to get them used to being touched all over their bodies.    Not only is this an integral part of early socialization to humans, but it is also essential for helping the puppies form positive associations with being handled later in life.   

Because our puppies are very important and special to us, we do our best to find equally special homes for them.   For this reason, all potential puppy owners are required to complete a detailed questionnaire.   We then use this to guide you in your choice of a puppy that will be the best fit for your family, your lifestyle and, most of all, the puppies.  
Ashstone Havanese is to preserve and improve the quality and soundness of the breed, by striving to produce dogs that are structurally correct, of great temperament, and excellent health.   To this aim, prior to being bred, our dogs are certified for patellas, eyes, and heart.  We do this to ensure that we are doing everything we possibly can to breed dogs that will produce puppies that live healthy and happy lives. Here at Ashstone we breed for the highest quality.  While no dog is perfect and every dog has some conformational faults, we focus to limit those faults and to constantly improve from one generation to the next.


Prior to going home, each puppy receives its first set of shots, is micro-chipped, dewormed, and given a clean bill of health by our veterinarian.  But our commitment to you and your puppy doesn't stop there.  We expect to keep in touch with our puppies' new families and are available to help address any questions or concerns that may pop up along the way.   And, of course, we also want to know how you and your puppy are doing from time to time, so pictures and updates are always welcome and appreciated!

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