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One of Canada's Premier Havanese Breeders 

Breeder of Multiple Best in Show &

Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winning Havanese

I'm proud to announce that my daughter, Sarah Drake, is now a partner at Ashstone Kennel. With over 30 years of experience, alongside me, breeding, raising, showing, and then as a successful professional show handler, Sarah will be a fantastic asset at Ashstone.


sugar & spice and everything nice

# 1 Havanese in Canada for 2019 & 2020 
BIS BISS MRBIS BPIS Can. Grand CH Ashstone's Winter Is Coming NTD
(MRBIS Can. GCH Am. CH Very Wonder Full Mano Gentis x Ashstone's Go For The Gold)

Arya showcase ad.jpg

Best in Specialty Show

BISS 2019 HOLA resized.jpg

Best in Show

Meet Rebel, the "Leader of the Pack"!  
#1 Male Havanese in Canada for 2017. He's a sturdy, little dog with soft, silky hair and a lively, springy gait. Rebel turn's on the charm to the judges when he is showing but when he is home it's out in the backyard with his pals.
Don't you just love that face!!
Connor ~ #1 Male Havanese in Canada 2014
Havanese breeders in Ontario, Canada

Our Boys

Ashstone Havanese, A Premiere Breeder of Best in Show Winning Havanese in Canada
"Riki" ~ #1 Havanese ~ 2015 & 2016
Multiple Best in Show &
Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winner

Our Girls

What is a Preservation Breeder?

Purposefully Breeding Purebred Dogs.

just say no to designer dogs.jpg
just say no to designer dogs.jpg


Preservation breeders are dedicated purebred dog breeders that strive to protect their breed and to continue its existence.

Purebred dogs have been created to perform a specific function and each breed has a unique history.


The preservation breeder honors this history by trying to produce the best specimen of the breed and in this sense, "improving it", but also trying to maintain the qualities that make the breed recognizable, able to perform its purpose, and steadfast in appearance and character.


So in improving the breed the goal is the more perfect example, not to change the look, function, or temperament or to create something new or different, but rather to preserve that unique set of qualities that sets the breed apart as a distinct breed of dog.

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Updated: 3/31/24

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